Dr. Powell is happy to offer his patients the latest technological advances available in the dental field today. Below are some of the advancements that help patients with their individual dental needs.

Connective-tissue Grafts

Unlike other connective tissue grafts, Dr. Powell offers a type of grafting using the patient's own blood platelets to aid in the healing process. This grafting procedure has offered Dr. Powell's patients faster healing than traditional grafting surgeries and is the newest grafting technology offered in the dental field today. Dr. Powell has more than 25 years of grafting experience and offers different types of grafts depending on the patient's specific needs. Read more


Dr. Powell treats snoring with a custom-made appliance that holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that it does not fall open during the night and cause the airway to collapse. This removable device maintains a clear airway to reduce snoring and improve breating.

Ask us how this custom-made appliance can help you or your loved one get the rest needed to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dental Laser

You may not realize it, but even the tiniest spot of decay can mean trouble for your teeth. Since cavities can hide along fissure lines or inside biting or occlusal surfaces, even the best methods of decay and detection cannot be as successful as a laser called DIAGNOdent®.

Dr. Powell has invested in this product because it has been shown to be a revolutionary way to detect cavities early. DIAGNOdent also helps us treat your teeth more conservatively by spotting decay in its earliest stages.