Our Mission

To ensure that those we
serve receive exceptional, comprehensive dentistry
in a caring, professional environment.

Our Commitment To You

Our office will continue to offer you the latest technology available in the dental field and we will also continue to attend regular continuing education courses in order to provide you with the expertise to use that technology.

Comments from just a few of our many satisfied patients

"I am so pleased to finally have found a dentist that takes the time to explain, educate, and show his attention to detail. I had some old dental work that need to be replaced. Dr. Powell and the office staff explained the options to correct my smile. They were deliberate, extremely detail oriented, and personable. I would recommend their office to anyone who is looking for an excellent and talented dentist with extremely personable and professional staff. 5 stars!!
L. Hoffman
"For years, I have been unhappy with my teeth and their appearance. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Powell for a second opinion before making any decisions. After the initial visit with Dr. Powell, we came up with a plan that involved some orthodontic work. Dr. Powell and the orthodontist worked very closely together to get me the smile I have always dreamed of. After the braces came off, Dr. Powell performed gum revision surgery to give my smile a better appearance. I was really apprehensive about the procedure but decided it was now or never. I can't say enough about how gentle Dr. Powell was during the procedure. I felt no pain and experienced no problems during the procedure. I was fully expecting to have some pain for a couple of days after the procedure, but to my suprise... no pain. Dr. Powell even called me several hours after the procedure to make sure I was doing okay. He AND his staff are amazing and so caring and friendly. I am so glad my friend recommended him. I can't imagine having any one else do my dental work now. THEY ARE THE BEST!"
S. Watson
"Dr. Powell has been my dentist for more than 20 years and he and his staff have done an excellent job in providing quality dental care to my difficult dental structure. As my teeth continued to deteriorate due to these difficulties, Dr. Powell convinced me that to preserve my teeth and correct my structural problem, I needed a full dental restoration. At the time, I was 74 years of age and the time required and the costs involved made the decision to move forward a difficult one. With the full support of Dr. Powell, his staff, and my wife, I decided to do the restoration. It truly was one of the best decisions I had ever made. While the total procedure occurred over several months, it was minimally invasive for me and many positive results were obtained. First, was the amazing improvement in the appearance of my new teeth and the lower half of my face due to the change in my bite. My snoring at night was basically eliminated due to the improved air flow in my throat caused by the improved bite. Eliminating the snoring led to more quality sleep. Finally, I had a smile that I was proud of and not my previous smile which I used to hide my teeth. My experience through the entire restoration was excellent and I strongly recommend Dr. Powell and his staff for full dental care."
W. Garlow
"After being diagnosed with a snoring disorder, my search for an alternative to the CPAP machine led me to Dr. Powell's office. There I was ultimately fitted with the Thorton Adjustable Positioner (TAP3), an oral device which reduces or alleviates snoring and its related problems. In a recent study, I slept half the night without the TAP3 and half with. The difference was amazing! Almost no snoring episodes were recorded with the device in place. TAP3 is easy to care for, easy to wear, and easy to pack for travel. I highly recommend the TAP3 device and the services rendered by Dr. Powell and his staff."
B. Sigmon
"Dr. Powell and his capable staff have taken care of me and my family for years now. They gave my husband a beautiful smile again since his teeth had been damaged in childhood. Since then, they have been caring for me and my four children and son-in-law. Dr. Powell and his staff are always willing to fit us in when we're having problems. I trust them 100% with my family's care."
M. Glenn
"I had taken medication as a child that turned my teeth grey. I was always trying to cover them up and was afraid to smile. I tried veneers and was somewhat happy. But I was missing the white teeth that I had always dreamed of having. It was not until I had Dr. Powell do my crowns that I was totally satisfied! Now I just love my teeth! "
P. Johnson
"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Powell's for almost 20 years. The dental care is outstanding and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Dr. Powell and his entire team treat us like part of their family. If you are looking for the highest quality of work and the best possible experience in dental care, choose the team at Dr. Powell's practice."
K. Kirby
"I had grafting done for the first time by Dr. Powell and the process was easy and painless. When I returned home I began reading about others' experiences with grafting and noticed that what I was going through was much different. While others were saying this was the worst pain of their life, I had no pain at all. I was just so happy to not be in pain and will get my other grafts done by Dr. Powell!"
C. Lee
"I love the night guard Dr. Powell fitted me with after (he did an) equilibration because my teeth did not meet in the back. It is 100 times better than purchasing a night guard in a store. It is very durable and is designed for my mouth. It also keeps me from biting my tongue at night."
K. Anthony
"Wow! Painless Injections! That is only the beginning of this excellent office. I have had exceptional dentistry from Dr. Powell and his team for thirty years. Through their oral hygiene care instructions, the newest and improved techniques and the highest quality products, I have maintained excellent dental health that has, in turn, affected my total health! Come enjoy awesome dentistry with me! Thank you Dr. Powell and Team!"
Sylvia F.
"Dr. Powell is the best dentist that I have ever encountered in all of my 62 years. I wanted a better smile for my wedding and I saw Dr. Powell's advertisement in the Yellow Pages. When I went to the appointment, I found a very relaxing atmosphere and some of the nicest people I have ever met. By the time my wedding came, everyone could not believe how good I looked. Some of my friends even said I looked just like I did in High School. I know I could not have looked this good had it not been for Dr. Powell and his awesome staff. When anyone asks 'where can I find a good dentist', I always recommend Dr. Powell." Marcia
"I can't say enough about Dr. Powell and his staff. They are fantastic! There are no words to convey how grateful I am for my new smile. I feel a new confidence and the compliments I receive are too many to count. They understood how important it was for me to have a smile I could be proud of on my wedding day. On that special day, I felt like a true princess with a BEAUTIFUL new smile that I was proud to show off. Dr. Powell loves what he does, truly cares about his patients and all his work is top quality. The entire staff will go out of their way to make your visit pleasant and comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Powell and his staff to anyone!" Casey M.
"After many years of dreading visits to the dentist, we moved to Hickory and a friend referred me to Dr. Powell. I no longer fear going for checkups because of his gentleness and knowledge in procedures. He is the best and his staff likewise." Lynn P.
"After many, many negative experiences with dentists' offices, I arrived for my initial visit at Dr. Powell's office with significant anxiety and low expectations. Wow, was I surprised and relieved at the professional service I received and have continued to receive since then. In addition to the exceptional customer service, I have also been consistently pleased and satisfied with the quality of the dental care I have received. No pain during or after procedures and great cosmetic and dental health improvements. I highly recommend Dr. Powell and his staff." Jennifer A.
"I had heard stories about root canals being major pain. Dr. Powell has done two root canals on me and I had no pain during or after my root canals."
Bill E.
"Under their care, I no longer have dental phobias and nightmares. Several times, Dr. Powell and/or his staff have called my home after hours to check on me after a root canal. I have never left the office without learning something new and important about my own care, even for cleanings." Tammie C.
"Dr. Powell is conveniently located with a great and friendly office staff and dental assistants. In addition, Dr. Powell and his assistant were fully versed and trained on the most current and correct dental procedures. In my own case, Dr. Powell found several problem areas that my previous dentist had either missed or ignored. Dr. Powell corrected these problems over time at a cost I feel was every reasonable pricing." William G.
"After each surgery, Dr. Powell would call me later to make sure I was all right. If it had not been for Dr. Powell, I would have lost my teeth like my father and mother did. Through the years, knowing Dr. Powell, I have called him with any problems. He has always returned my calls and even came out on his day off to work on my teeth in an emergency. This shows me what a great and caring person hs is." Ronnie K.