Dental Prevention

Dr. Powell and his team perform thorough dental examinations that including finding tooth decay, periodontal disease, bite discrepancies, and receding gums, as well as providing oral cancer screenings.

Call Dr. Powell's office to make your appointment for a thorough dental check-up. You'll be glad you did.

Patient Testimonials

Read what one of Dr. Powell's patients said about the importance of regular checkups and having a dentist that can diagnose problems in the mouth:

"During one of my bi-annual dental examinations, Dr. Powell's dental hygienist noticed a thin white line on the left margin of my tongue. Continuing to monitor this area of my mouth at subsequent visits prompted Dr. Powell to advise a biopsy as the area had changed and became sensitive. The resulting biopsy found cancer cells and the pathologist stated that if he had not had the photos and reports from Dr. Powell's office, he would have had a difficult time seeing what my problem was. He said that this had been caught at a very early stage and that was good. Another doctor concurred and the biopsy appears to have completely removed the cancer an no futher treatment was prescribed. I understand how more than ever the importance of good dental checkups by people [Dr. Powell and staff] who know their business." -J. Wilfong