Teeth Whitening Systems

Having a brighter smile can make you look and feel better. Dr. Powell offers a variety teeth whitening options designed to fit your individual needs and schedule. Ask us which option is the right one for you. We love creating beautiful smiles!


Initial exams receive free whitening strips while supplies last! Sheer White whitening strips are also available at our front office for anyone wanting whiter teeth.

In-Office Whitening Treatment

The Sapphire Teeth Whitening System uses a very powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light along with a professional grade teeth whitening gel to achieve remarkable results in very little time.

This one-hour whitening system is administered in our office.

With this technology, you can schedule your appointment and have noticeably whiter teeth on the same day.

Take-Home Whitening Treatments

Sheer White is a 20% Carbamide Peroxide whitening film.

The strips whiten fast and can be used overnight or two hours a day for 5 days straight.

This sheer flexible material is easy to apply to the teeth, adapts to the teeth, and stays on the teeth even while talking. The thin, tight-fitting films stay where they belong, increasing the effectiveness of the whitening process. The carbamide peroxide gel remains active for as long as 6 hours for longer wear and faster whitening.

Dr. Powell also offers Flexible Whitening Trays which are custom made and can be worn overnight or for at least 2 hours once a day. These trays use a whitening ingredient that can be placed on all of the teeth or some of the teeth, depending on the desired results.